Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nine mystery guests

Well the JISC bid event with our partner colleges went really well, and now I am looking forward to seeing the whole project hopefully come to life in the New Year. The web-cast also worked and our network manager informs me that we had 10 IP addresses connected, though one of those was him, so I guess that leaves 9. Following my request for the web-cast to be set-up, a first for Bromley College I must say, it was reassuring to have evidence of it actually being used, and given the technical issues that had to be overcome, its top marks and thanks to the network team for that. While you may be thinking that this blog is likely to go quite given it’s the end of the academic year, I will now have the task of helping to write the actual bid and on a completely separate tack, preparing for a new venture as we develop our plans in forming a partnership with a commercial company in the deployment of the Moodle VLE beyond our more usual FE and HE sectors.


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