Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dolly 2 and the Bid

I went along to a LAMS event at the Knowledge Lab in London this week, and apart from being pleased to meet up with others that I only seem to see at these gatherings, I must say that some of the improvements with version 2 (Dolly), are I feel certain going to make it available to a much wider user base. Among the new features are a file manager, rich text editor and tab dialog boxes for sequence components, all good user friendly stuff. As LAMS is now integrated with Moodle, I have given it a trial to good effect with one of my own courses, and enthusiastic about running some more at the college in the coming year. Much of my spare time this week has been taken up in preparation for the July 13th Conference afternoon here at Bromley. This will be an opportunity to present the detail and discuss the bid with both our own staff and partner colleges, so I am looking forward to that. Tomorrow I am meeting with our network team, because I hope to stream the event for anyone who cannot make it along on the day, I will be sure to post an address on this blog, so if you are interested in having look, stay in touch for that one, must get on for now though.


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