Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hope for Scormers

If you read my post regarding the crossword generator the other day from Eclipse, then you will know that I was intending using it on my Moodle courses, well I did and it went down very well. The problem I faced though is tracking something that essentially is just a web page. Of course the answer is: make a Scorm package, o yeh. I remember my first attempt at Scorm with Moodle 1.3, some content pages followed by a multiple choice quiz that processed user entry using the cmi data model plus some JavaScript functions to talk to the LMS, it work fine! Then 1.4 came along and so did lots of popup warnings. There seemed to be some changes to the imsmanifest, but OK just modify the way I use Reload and cmi stuff and again it worked. I tried the same package with 1.5 and guess what, multiple popup warnings again, fair enough I start ploughing through and get down to one that is proving a problem and then, and do not ask me why, I remember ExE. I had downloaded ExE some time ago and always thought it would be worth looking at later. Anyway to cut a long story, though its really a Learning Design type tool, is does allow you to export content as Scorm, which I did and it worked first time! I now know how long my students spend on the crossword, brilliant, well done the ExE team for a robust and very promising package, I can recommend it and will definitely be making use of in the future.


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