Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Robocode Wars

On the subject of all things e-learning, not just VLE’s. As part of my lecturing I teach Java to BTEC level 3 students and once we have arrived at the point where they can competently produce small GUI applications, I introduce them to Robocode, developed by Mathew Nelson, a software engineer at IBM. It’s a free battle simulation API that really helps them to develop their understanding for some of those more bazaar Java OOP issues, while writing a game based around small battle tanks, really good fun. If you have not seen Robocode before, do try this link for a really good tutorial and have a look at a video clip of the tournament the other week, its located in the video clip block on the right of this blog and please feel free to comment if have, or would like to try Robocode.


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