Thursday, March 09, 2006

Starting to use LAMS

Set up a new domain for our Moodle courses this week at and started to make some use of LAMS. Every year my second year level 3 students are required to complete a software project, and I get them to upload their weekly log books into a Moodle Journal. But now as we have LAMS installed on the Moodle Activities dropdown, I have produced a sequence that posses some questions to which they can respond with solutions in the form of current project material. This is not really LD, but does provide a first class visual tracking and progress system, which just goes to show that I am not exempt from accommodation by adaptation. On a more positive note, I was about to say constructive, I am continuing with the development of a sequence to support my students as they come to terms with Object Orientation in Java, I’ll certainly get back on that one.


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