Sunday, January 29, 2006

Taking stock

As we enter phase 2 of the rollout and our Moodle system continues to grow here at Bromley College, we now have 128 staff and 340 students enrolled. The implications and impact of the VLE have begun to filter out far beyond just teaching staff, with our Quality Manager now chairing a new steering group, which is good, should be interesting, goes without saying . In the last couple of weeks I conducted an audit of user activity. This has been a useful and timely exercise, as it shows how many of the features promoted in the phase 1 training have actually been used. The outcome has shown, not surprisingly, variability within courses on the way in which staff are making use of the system, and so our phase 2 strategy will include specific targeting of those courses in an effort to introduce some level of continuity. We have also put together an easily digestible report for SMT, it seems my first somewhat voluminous attempt at this went down more like un-chewed cucumber, anyway the latest incarnation makes the case that by deploying Moodle, we will be in a position to leverage many of the high priority themes emerging from the DfEE of late, we shall see.


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