Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well thats phase 1 over anyway

It’s the end of winter term and phase 1 of the Moodle rollout here at Bromley College. I have been banging on about these phases but basically phase 1 gets materials, links and simple feedback onto Moodle, which hopefully translates into timesavings for staff; the big one for now. But has it improved anything for students? Well from convenience, yes, however early indications for me anyway, level 2 through 4 from first assignment outcomes would suggest little that could not be explained by variations in cohort, and you are welcome to read that as you will, in other words net change, well zero comes to mind! Why, because used in this way we have a course management system, not a vle. Course notes on the web are just course notes from the print room and without repurposing for e-Learning this was no surprise, basically an exercise to confirm what I felt I already knew. Its phase 2 with the inclusion of quizzes (not very happy calling them quizzes), lessons tutorials and reviews that should start, and the key word here is start, to make an in-road in constructing a effective community of inquiry and that’s going to be the really interesting bit. Bye the way its Moodle conference on Monday at College and I will be sure to get some blogging in from that.


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