Sunday, November 27, 2005

Across the chasm

The end of this term will mark the completion of phase one for our Moodle rollout and staff numbers are currently just over 100. I always had a concern, borne out of experience I must add, that the numbers just would not materialise to make the second and third phases a going proposition. Basically you have to get past that minimum, which is what you may ask? I guess the answer is often that it depends, but as part of my original proposal I cited Moores curve as my favoured model. The theory predicts that a chasm will most likely occur following uptake by the innovators and visionaries; our college has around 300+ staff, so these two groups represent around 25, that’s an estimate. The next big group are the pragmatists and numbers show that they are certainly coming on board, in other words I am confident that we have successfully crossed the chasm this time. If you are not familiar with Moores chasm, I have reproduced an updated page from my report here, or simply key the term into Google. Whether you are selling products or ideas it makes some thought provoking predictions with regard to the adoption of new technology. And please feel free to get back and share you own experiences on this one.


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