Friday, November 18, 2005

One busy week for Moodle

Lots happening this week. Ran a Moodle training session for staff on thursday morning, seven made it and it really went down well.
My plans to hold a Moodle conference at the end of term seem to be taking shape with the 19th December looking promising; you can expect some photos and pod cast from that, maybe even video. Our ILT support Danny dream't up the idea of creating a Moodle area for staff as a means of getting more people invloved, featuring: college and Moodle newsletter, photos, Social events like theatre trips and items for sale, it seems to be growing, could be good.
We have started to forge links with another Moodle user locally and will be having a meeting soon to compare notes and plan some future co-operative projects.
I have been running a not very scientific survey among my students with regard to printing over the last couple of weeks; how many print handouts from the VLE and how many leave them in electronic format?
Well it seems somewhere between half to a third will keep material electronic, these were all level three students, interesting. Finally staff accounts on the system topped 100 today, thats out of around 300, and sooner than my end of term estimate, so a little bit of Christmas came early.


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