Monday, October 10, 2005

Moodle Object posts made easy

I had an email the other day asking what I thought of the Moodle Object module, no idea, but I quickly got to the posting, click here to see, basically its provides an easy means of incorporating nln type materials into the vle, great. I emailed Clive our Moodle system administrator to ask what he thought and he must have been impressed because soon enough it was up and running, though not without the discovery, that it was not happy with our 1.4.2 live version of Moodle, though it runs fine with our 1.5.2 test system; to go live in January, anyway top marks for Clive. Our nln stuff had been Scormed with Reload, so I had to unpack it and ftp the top level folders up to the new repository. Then when you next go in to Moodle, switch Editing On and the Add an activity… drop down has an Object option, just select it and follow the dialog, superb, worked first time, congratulations and thanks to Helen Foster on a first class addition to the Moodle suit.


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