Monday, September 12, 2005

Changing times

Recently I started to record the time I spent running my side of the VLE operation. And apart from the obvious use, I realised that its going make an interesting chronicle of how my activities change with the rollout. At the moment I have a reasonably good monthly estimate for the following

  • Publishing the monthly Newsletter 2 hours
  • Course creation & account management 4 hours
  • Email activity 4 hours
  • Awareness, training & accounts 12 hours
  • Liasing with Moodle support workshop 2 hours
    or 28 hours per month
However as of yet I do not have reliable figures for:- Material, resource & Moodle development, support for the Content Development team, the numerous telephone enquiries, maintaining the support websites (including this blog). So if you are running a VLE how do these compare, please let us all know by replying if you have time.


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