Friday, August 19, 2005

e-Learning, e-Books and reading

moodle journal blog I can still remember the days when a software package came with a manual, convenient, easy to read and reference, needless to say I just cannot feel the same about the online help hyperlinked substitutes that we are made to use now. And I have a suspicion that e-Learning materials may fall into the same trap, its with that in mind that I have been trying to find an e-Book format that is closer to the hardcopy version, so bring on pageFlip. pageFlip is an open source Flash project that I have been having some success with, given that some of my example material was borrowed from previous notes and clearly some new criteria will has to be applied for pageFlip. Anyway take a look by clicking here and then have a look at the book embedded into courseGenie with a couple of questions. I feel this has a lot potential as an interface, what do you think? Please feel free to post your comments.


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