Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Using Hot Potatoe quiz in Moodle

I was getting some training notes together for a course in Moodle Quizzes this summer, when I came across Hot Potatoes, which is free to education. Hot Potatoes is a suite of quiz type authoring tools designed around a GUI interface, which you can save as web pages, or import into Moodle, sounded good. After having played with the various tools for a while I decided to try a Moodle import, we are using 1.5.2 on our test system and I did have some problems at first not least because though the module is shipped with Moodle, the option is hidden (don’t ask me why). Login and go to configuration/modules and there you will see Hot Potatoes in the list, simply click-on the closed eyelid, then go to a course, Turn Editing on, then from the Add an activity drop down you will see the Hot Potatoes Quiz option. I found it easier to zip my quiz files and upload to Moodle then unzip, that way you get them all there in one go; and you point to the .jpz file. For navigation between the quiz and Moodle I tend to use the IFRAME option. The big plus is that its an easy application and makes use of the Moodle quiz reporting structure for results. If anyone has a go at this let me know how it went, I may even be able to help if you get in trouble.


Blogger Rev. Joel A. Brondos said...

Once I upload the zipped Hot Potato quiz to Moodle, what do I do? "Restore" it? Import it as SCORM or something?

11:41 PM  

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