Sunday, September 04, 2005

Where did that file go?

As a VLE user, you are becoming increasingly reliant on the availability of digital content, OK you save it in Moodle or maybe a content repository and thats OK right, well maybe not,did you kmow the census population data for 1951 got itself lost, along with a significant portions of the 1961 and 1971 census data! Well it was a surprise to me, but its not just the safe storage of material how about format, according to an Article by MacKenzie Smith (Associate Director for Technology- Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries) "In an era when the ability to read a document, watch a video, or run a simulation could depend on having a particular version of a program installed on a specific computer platform, the usable life span of a piece of digital content can be less than 10 years". Recently I came across the DCC,(Digital Curation Centre), The DCC provide HE & FE with future-proof best practice on digital content preservation: harmonised with available content storage. Their mission is to "support and promote continuing improvement in the quality of data curation and of associated digital preservation". They are looking for participation and feedback, DCC are well worth a visit so click-here and feel free to post your views here.


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