Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Using Moodle as a VLE

I went along to the Moodle RUG on the 17th in London, which turned out to be a superb event. Martin Dougiamas was live on Skype, excellent workshops and a particularly inspiring presentation from the OU. My own presentation came under the theme of transforming teaching and learning and featured a recent trial that I conducted with level 4 students in an attempt to realise the Social Constructive potential of Moodle as a VLE. There is a copy of the working environment here, where you can see the project was built around Learning Objects, Forums, Chats and Wiki’s in support of a problem based collaborative learning exercise. The outcomes have been really encouraging, indicating improvements in the order of 20% on the previous four-year average, so for me this looks very much like the start of something worth pursuing.


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