Sunday, May 07, 2006

Demand for training

My Moodle training programme is going well at the College. I ran the first Quiz training, though with hours reduced from 3 to 2, I have had to devise a strategy of core and optional activities for the candidates, but judging from the feedback reviews it went extremely well. For the first time this week I actually found myself having to turn candidates away for the ‘Intro to Moodle’ training course, as the number of applicants actually exceeded the number of available places!!


Blogger Mark Ayton said...


I'm very new to e-Learning, blogs and VLEs having been appointed to a new role in March with the brief to develop e-Learning for our Engineering Open Learning courses here at MANCAT. I'm presently getting to grips with Moodle as part of my studies for an e-Learning Foundation Degree.

Having read all your blog entries I'm very reassured to find that your initial entries would read in a similar way to mine. Inspired, I'll work towards similar later entries also!

Having been a Divisional Leader in Engineering I'm aware of the difficulties in releasing adequate tutor time for e-Learning development and, as such, initially plan to adopting a student lead approach. Its hoped this scheme will release teaching and administration staff from regular queries that can be addressed through web based information. I'm also optimistic that further tutor time can be released by encouraging mutual help between students. On this issue I'll pay particular attention to your comments in January regarding msm. Ultimately I hope to achieve two benefits from this initial approach. 1) Make sufficient tutor time available to develop programme support materials. 2) Keep students motivated and well supported in the 2-3 months between each open learning tutorial.

You are clearly moving fast, and in an exciting way. The involvement of the Quality department must mark to move from development project to main stream.

Many thanks for a most interesting insight into the development of e-Learning at Bromley College. Your blog is now on my favourites menu.

Best Regards, Mark.

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