Thursday, June 29, 2006

You dont want to do it like that

I was at the conference recently and my ears picked up during the introduction when the presenter talked about his involvement in a JISC project that used the power of story for sharing of expertise. Now I didn’t get the chance to ask, but this sounds like it came straight out of Daniel Pinks book ‘A whole New Mind’. If like me, you have grown up and now reside in a post war, post industrial, post information age, is that last one a shock, Western country, then you are likely having some unease with all those industries we thought we were good at, getting themselves offshored halfway round the planet. My advice, give the book a go, I think maybe someone at JISC certainly has ? Oh and while I am not on the subject, this week I literally turn my back for a moment and the whole Tracking project had been shut down, working group disbanded, and an offline alternative accepted as a short term measure, please don’t ask. I have this dream of staring into a blank radar screen, but can see no blips, the skies are clear? Then I look up to get smacked full in the face by a black low flying stealth pig, am I concerned? No, “them old dreams are only in your head” :Bob Dylan, yer right. I apologies for the lack of anything technically meaningful in this post, but thats bloggin and be assured normal service will resume.


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