Saturday, May 03, 2014

Moodle 2.5 running and OK

Well we have a Moodle 2.5 instance up and running, so in the last couple of days I have been taking those snatched opportunities to run some testing of resources and browse through the many new features that the versions offers. Given the work that I am focusing on at the moment with implementing eLearning using scorm materials I was more than a little impatient to confirm that the launching and tracking of objects worked as before and of course they do, and why not. As we have been using a system of certification for training for the Moodle courses that I run here at the College using Bronze, Silver and Gold, I thought lets give badges a try and that worked really smooth also, a nice surprise for the other members of the course when they next logged-in. I like the idea of having a choice of Forums and set one of those up and have already noticed that it is attracting some engagement from my colleagues. All in all then looking good, very good.

If you have been following this blog at all then will have come across my posts for links to free tools, and I recently came across an extremely nice list of 321 no less, and so I am sharing that source with you here. if you have any others to add then do please feel free to reply to this posting.


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