Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Changing Training


Since we first decided upon Moodle as our vle, training as a means of getting it out there to staff was clearly going to be of some priority. In the first round, using bound notes, I must confess that in my enthusiasm to get people on-board as quickly as possible the sessions lasted around two hours, much to long really and difficult to bolt into a curriculum delivery of 90 minute classes. And so the process was broken down into time scales that would fit into current and even changing session times and took the form of Bronze, basically how to get your course up and running and Silver,
which introduced the web 2.0 features. You may be thinking what about Gold, and indeed there has always been a Gold offering, which focuses on such things as eLearning, Learning Objects etc.

Well moving as we are toward a major 2.4 upgrade, the issue of training also emerges, because lets face it there are some significant differences. The question then arises that after having the Moodle vle around for some years now, do we actually require a formal attendee type of training session, there are colleges I know that have dropped the idea altogether, and so should we follow that lead. I decided that a new approach would be worth pursuing and so to that end the new training takes the form of video material that everyone can simply access at will and use on demand. How though do we authenticate training, with the previous approach it was simply case of qualification through attendance. With the new model I am thinking that staff will be presented with a number of requirements that a course must feature  under the new release, and once they are in place and clearly being used, then an electronic certificate will follow, see initial design.

 How are you handling training with Moodle these days, please feel free to comment, bye for now


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