Monday, November 04, 2013

Running Turnitin for Moodle

A busy half tern for me last week as it turned out because I was scheduled to deliver training for Turnitin to staff on the coming Monday, which is today. There were some technical difficulties with getting the installation to actually work in our version of Moodle, but I am more than pleased to say that Turnitin were really helpful in getting over those problems. We finally had it up and running by Monday 28 Oct, so not a lot of time as it turned out to put those training materials together. If you have not used the Turnitin application yet, then I can certainly recommend it, essentially it functions as a student work submission tool that will allow you to check material for originality ( plagiarism ) and provide grading and feedback using the Trunitin GradeMark. I am particularly impressed with GradeMark as it allows you to attach notes to parts of the student essay from a range of pre-written collections, create your own or even leave in line comments, well worth looking at.

Just looking at the Turnitin website I discovered that in fact there are already some really good quality guides available anyway, but still thought it was worth producing my own based around our particular installation. The outcome rather than my usual bound set of hard copy Click-n-Go guides was a set of four videos.

  • Setting up a Turnitin Activity
  • Student assignment submission
  • Checking for Similarity
  • Using GradeMark

If you are interested in taking a look, I have placed the first of these onto a local web server, which you can see from here.

And did the training session go OK, its seems so.

That’s all from me now, if you have any comments then as usual please feel free to post


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