Monday, October 07, 2013

Week four and going well

This week is going to be number four in the rollout of the eLearning training. The whole exercise is in fact proving to be extremely worthwhile; the actual sessions themselves are to introduce our staff to converting their desktop materials written in Word and then showing these can be enriched with media and assessments. Of course training in itself is not on its own going to produce the type oif culture change that we are looking for and so at each session I request a topic that will be used, which I am starting to follow up on with a one-to-one session, to assist with both technical and design issues. To address the subject of design , and given the core principles that we are considering here I came across a very useful pdf 'Guidelines for Authors of Learning Objects' by Rachel S. Smith.
If you have not coma across this particular publication before and you are interested in creating Learning Objects I can certainly recommend, main section titles include:

Placing Learning Objects in Context
Creating Learning Objects: Some Practical Advice
Marketing Learning Objects
Evaluating Found Learning Objects
Summary of Guidelines

If you are in the process of introducing these type of change the you may be interested in the an article I found the other day called ‘How to Builda Faculty Culture of Change’ By Robert Zemsky

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