Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project case studies arriving

With July well underway, the first of the eLearning project case studies have started to arrive. From the original group of proposals and for a number of reasons a few have dropped by the wayside. One was discontinued because the member of had their timetable changed so lost contact with the target group. Another member of staff left, which accounted for two projects and two more projects have failed to be completed for no other reason than available time. I think this last point is going to be an ongoing danger when you are looking at long term i.e. 30 hour projects for someone that already has a full timetable, and I shall need to factor this issue into the equation for futures proposals especially when somebody request a double project. Having said all this I will be getting a completion of the projects for Mahara e-portfolio’s, Comic Life and Open Simulator; though this last one was is in fact my project.
What form will the case studies take? Well in the first instance everyone completing a project will complete an evaluation document, there is an example of the template here so just click on the link. The evaluation will be placed into our Moodle vle along with any supporting reference materials such as screen shots, how-to guides, videos etc. When I have my own project material complete, I shall be posting a copy onto this blog so you may like to stay in touch for that. If you have any comments on e-Learning projects, then please feel free to post.
Kind regards Barry


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