Thursday, November 26, 2009

Google Wave today, Moodle Wave Tomorrow?

I am just about to dive into Google Wave (just could not resist the association here). From what I have read and seen so far this seems to be a really fascinating concept and from the hype anyway, what would appear to be a one size fits all for many applications, in a way I hope that it is when you consider features like

  • a replacement for those WiKi’s, great as they can be, and I have used the Moodle version for some time now, it does present some degree of challenge to my students.
  • Just like the view in demand services that are appearing for TV and Radio, we will have the Wave playback facility, wow.

  • How about the ability to have concurrent editing of group owned documents, wow again

  • Simultaneous private as well a public communications

  • The ability to publish to a website, Face Book and soon I hear even Blogger.

If you are yet to get your head around Google Wave, and I anticipate that being a learning curve in itself, there are some really good video’s out there that I have been taking the time to look at. You may like to start with this two minute plus quickie, and then go on to the one hour twenty minute coverage preview, both are worth the time to sit and watch. For sure there is going to be a lot of new stuff here, not to mention the terminology like waves, wavelets, blips etc.
Well to help with all this I came across a great free book,
The Complete Guide to Google Wave actually you can buy the book but the net version of it is free and very nicely presented and readable.

I will be back in due course, to let you know how I am getting on, but if you already have any experiences of the Wave, then please feel free to post a comment.


Blogger Marie-Therese Le Roux said...

Yes! The concept of Wave has me in a kid-before-Christmas mood. This may point the way forward. Getting used to the new interface, though, will be a challenge. Which means selling non-geek newcomers on Wave may be an issue. I do hope it will interface well with Moodle.

Meanwhile, it's good to get our feet wet.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Jim Walker said...

I have been using Wave for two weeks and quickly figured out the interface. I don't get the scare talk about "Will people understand Wave?" Of course we will, blogs were scary in the beginning.
We are starting a large project to use Moodle to develop a high school curriculum and Wave seems to have many of the tools we will need to communicate and collaborate with more than 20 people to work on this project.
I will link to this blog as a resource for new Moodles. Thanks for all your hard work.

12:44 AM  

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