Friday, October 09, 2009

Chatting Software Design

Today I met with a group of my new Foundation Degree students who are just starting out in learning Software Design using C, not the best of places to be I must admit. We met today not because we had a class, but because they wanted advice in how to establish a self-group, brilliant I thought. Apart from the advice on content, I started out by setting up a new forum for them in Moodle, which they liked the idea of, and I asked if they had any preferences for a name, they came up with Cmaritans, good one. Anyway, then I remembered a web app that I have been very keen to get the chance to tryout when the opportunity arose called Tinychat. Basically this is a free (up to 12 simultaneous users) chat facility with live web cams, a suggestion that definitely received the thumbs up, and naturally I am looking forward to reviewing their use and views. If you are interested in knowing how they get on, then be sure to revisit this blog, as I will be making future postings for sure.


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