Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting to use LAMS

We now have LAMS installed and integrated with Moodle here at Bromley College, and I have started to use the system with my year 2 BTEC National students. One of my objectives for 09/10 is to begin moving away from the usual assessment method involving fairly prescriptive coursework toward a more open ended and self directed type of assignment; this will of course require a change of approach in more than one area, not least the requirement of tutorial type support on my part. The first LAMS sequence involves just a Noteboard and combined Resources / Forum to provide the scenario, scaffolding and communication, in what will essentailly be a practice paper. The students will access the LAMS sequence outside of class time, which I am hoping will introduce them to the potential of indepent learning, through online collaboration and perhaps the emegence of an online indentity. Following the completion of the exercise the students will then take an assessment in class based around the LAMS experience. If you would like to know how I get on, then please stay in touch with this blog and feel free to post your own comments.


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