Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LAMS Activity Planner

LAMS Activity Planner beta The LAMS Activity Planner is a new layer on top of LAMS that provides pre-built templates to help teachers rapidly build quality e-learning activities. It provides advice on choosing effective approaches, as well as sample sequences and advice on editing individual tasks. Teachers can use the LAMS Activity Planner to easily adopt and customise powerful teaching strategies in less than 10 minutes.The LAMS Activity Planner is now ready for beta testing - that is, the system still has some bugs and rough edges, but is ready for exploration by those who'd like to try out an early version and provide feedback. For more information and a screencast with voiceover, see

This is well worth a look and I feel will be just the type of thing that will encourage a broader spectrum of users to have a try. Feedback welcome


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