Thursday, October 01, 2009

Free hand written font generator

Producing materials that will be distributed through either a vle or similar e-learning delivery platform, immediately draws the question, should these be the same as documents I would hand out in class, well maybe, but maybe not. For a start, handouts in class tend to be black and white, fundamentally because of the printing costs, so there’s the first difference that’s up for easy change. Now not withstanding all the widgets and gadgets that you can incorporate into almost anything that’s electronic, how much consideration do we actually give to fonts? In a class situation you are there to present and guide students through the material, but distributed materials will not have that accompanying hook; fonts, typography, can play a part here. You may like to watch this little video on the rise of Comic Sans. Just recently I took a move away from the usual font list options in my word processor package and began to think more about fonts that would look more natural than the standard Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet, Calibri set that I tended to gravitate toward. And I started to look at possibilities of handwritten font styles. But that costs, and has copyright issues right, well not if you create your own using the free MyFont tool from Microsoft, follow this link for a short tutorial and feel free to get back and post a comment.


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