Saturday, March 06, 2010

e-Learning projects to go

It was a while ago now that I was asked to head up an e-learning project initiative here at the college. Just this week the proposal finally received that seal of approval, funding. The idea, is that now teaching staff are beginning to make more use of the vle, which after all is really little more than an e-Learning delivery platform, they should now start to think in terms using it deploy and track learning activities rather than just as a means of distributing course notes, which so often is how these systems end up. The set-up that I have proposed is that we start with a staff wide email advertising the service, if you click-on the accompanying image for this post you will get the full draft pdf. I feel certain that there are plenty who would like to give the whole idea of e-Learning a try, but where to start. Well, they start by making a request for a short meeting at which we discuss what they would like to see happen and what the preferred outcome will be; I actually have a detailed form for this, that I will complete with them at the meeting. Of course there will be the need for some training in new applications, but that is something that we equipped to put in place. As you can see from the flyer, projects will fall into three categories of short, medium and long, each attracting a payment in the form of paid hours, that’s the sweetener. In all this my task is going to be to manage the various projects up to the point of their go-live date and then to collect feedback at completion. I am looking forward to this, and will be posting findings on this blog, so if you are interested then please keep in touch for that.

Bye for now best wishes Barry


Blogger EllenB said...

Barry -- Just found your blog and am glad to see another elearning advocate, especially in an environment where online learning sounds like a relatively new initiative, or one that needs a strong shot in the arm.

While starting from an existing VLE ('virtual learning environment' is my translation) or LMS is a good start from a technology perspective, will you also be considering the various types of content that need to be covered (knowledge, skills, concepts, etc.) as you develop this strategy for moving more content and instruction online?

Do you mind sharing how the "short," "medium" and "long" categories will be distinguished from each other? What types of subjects/topics will be covered?

What a great initiative you're undertaking! I hope you'll be posting more about how it goes --

Ellen B
Author of "aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLEarning"

1:43 AM  
Blogger Barrys said...

Hi Ellen and thanks for the posting. At the moment I feel that the categories of project are going to depend very much upon the scope of change. For instance if we receive the request to support the use of how forums could be used as part of a collaborative assessed project for course work, that would fall into a short project. On the other hand someone wishing to re-task standard handouts to learning objects, that include formative feedback and tracking would by its very nature demand some specialist training not only in the use of suitable tools, but also the fundamentals of learning object design in line the general IMS and Scorm recommendations and so would qualify for a larger project. As you can see it’s going to be a little fluid, after all there will be those who have some of these skills and knowledge anyway.

I have carried out trials here at the college, and if you have not managed to find the postings I include two URL’s for this blog, which I hope you will find useful

A brief summary overview of the trials

course outcomes chart 2002-5 then 2006 and 7 using communities of enquiring

I took a peek at you publication on Lulu, looks really interesting.

Regards Barry

2:19 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

I wish you good luck with your e Learning project. Elearning is fun if we try not to be too serious while working. Right.

8:11 AM  
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regards Barry

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