Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New round of training starts

Just into a new round of vle training in Moodle. We have now completed the rollout and trials. From experience of trying to deliver the basic course in year 1 and then move on to the more advanced features in the following year though seemed to not produce the desired effect.
The problem appeared to be that if staff were slow to take up use of the vle fairly soon following the training, they seemed to loose confidence and I found them returning to the course again the next term or later. Now we are going to try and deliver the basic course over three weekly sessions and then move on to the more advanced courses in subsequent three weekly blocks. I am hoping that the idea of a quick progression to advanced features may prompt early adoption and use. In case anyone is interested in the content of the courses on offer I have listed the indexes below.

An Introduction to Moodle
System settings
Labels and headings
Editing facilities
Managing files and folders
Linking to resources

Moodle web 2.0
RSS feeds

Moodle quiz
Creating a Quiz
True or False
Multiple choice
Short answer
Random Short Answer
Cloze (Embedded answers)
Reviewing a quiz
Any comments on your own experineces are welcome, regards Barry


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