Thursday, April 29, 2010

eProject Requests

Since the email went out here at college offering staff the opportunity to apply for funded learning projects I have so far received a number of applications. For each of these I arranged an initial meeting where we discussed the level of funding, which takes the form of hours that would be paid for development time, plus any resource costing. All the projects will commence during this coming summer term. Below I have included a list briefly outlining each of the proposals.
Course: Level 3 eMedia
Project: Use tiny chat discussions
Anticipated outcome/benefits: 1. Identify possible disengaged/disaffected students and 2. Improve engagement with the unit’s concepts

Course: ESOL
Project: WallWisher text wall posting
Anticipated outcome/benefits: Self review evaluation of personal development, teaching feedback. Links to Wallwisher provide extended to parts of classes.

Course: Entry level 3
Project: Comic Life
Anticipated outcome/benefits: 1:Explore new ways to present material beyond Office applications. Students will find approach more engaging and fun to use, new means of self expression with confidence to gain greater access to main stream project work. 2: A unit that could be run by a wider skill set of staff where specific application experience is not a requirement i.e. adult literacy, esol, motor vehicle, animal care.

Course: Level3 Networking
Project: Use tiny chat discussions
Anticipated outcome/benefits: Make use of web audio / visual real-time communication service in order to engage students in effective class learning activities beyond the normal table tabled delivery.

Course: Level 3 Networking
Project: An.Notate online documents
Anticipated outcome/benefits: Efficient and timely communication, releasing class time from long feedback sessions.

Course: Level 4 Networking
Project: Mahara ePortfolio
Anticipated outcome/benefits: Online portfolio submission and assessment, more timely and flexible

Course: Level 3 Software Design
Project: Open Sim Virtual World
Anticipated outcome/benefits: Opportunities for investigations into games based learning and simulations

Upon completion of a project, I will be getting together with each member of staff where we will put together a case that will be posted onto our eLearning Projects course on Moodle. I intend for each of the case studies to have both an evaluation component based on actual outcomes and student feed back, plus there will be a how-to guide for anyone else wishing to make use of the particular technology.
If you have any similar experiences or views on eProjects then please feel free to comment.

regards Barry


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