Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Multi-Tenancy in Moodle

Have I considered Multi-tenancy for our Moodle, my quick response to that question was no, actually a new one on me, though I ask  are you already a Moodle mutli-tenancy site? If like myself this was a new, then it seems that multi-tenancy is when the same data / information and content infrastructure is used by different groups or organizations. Which I guess in our case may be applied to the areas of 14 to 16 provision, FE, HE and then Professional Studies, not a particularly unusual combination for a college I would suspect these days. Anyway each of these would become an LMS tenant, each having their own courses, materials and requirements. Without the multi-tenancy concept this would have to be implemented through separate LMS, and I do recall one college not so long ago having five! And the shed load of admin work that with it.

Apparently though Moodle unlike Totara while not being able to fully support the concept, does have a pseudo-multi-tenancy capability by combining the front-page settings with the use of Course Categories, which according to the posting and I quote - can be done by configuring the “Front page items when logged in” setting to Enrolled Courses. With regard to branding courses to specific departments or business units, the Course Categories can be named after the department, and Subcategories can be labelled as Course Topics. Each Category and Subcategory can then be themed separately from the Corporate/Organizational theme. Roles and capabilities can be assigned to specific categories to allow access to edit courses. Additionally, this can be done by inheritance to the Subcategories and courses.

If all this grabs your interest then follow this link From Lambda Solutions and read some more, there is even a free white paper on the subject.
 Finally, I know I have mention Twitter before in my postings, but when I came across this little info-graphic I just had to include it in this weeks roundup. While my own postings to Twitter these days seem be almost exclusively from other social networks, that still leaves me feeling a regular education user of the micro blogger, just hash tag SkipperAbel  my avatar name from SecondLife



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