Monday, June 08, 2015

Internet Report

Interested as you clearly must in eLearning and so to some greater or lesser extent what is going on re the Internet, then if you have yet to get site of it, the “State of the Internet” presentation running to some 196 slides is going to be a slide turner for you. Delivered by Mary Meeker of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers in May this year, the report brings out a whole raft of key data points that I feel certain you will be grabbing for reference. I found the timeline showing the “Evolution of Content discovery” particularly relevant to any ideas I may be forming on the way forward for design and distributing of content particularly with regard to trending on horizontal / vertical  screen orientation views; that all starts from slide 24 by the way. And if you are of the view that students are always going to be students, then please take a look at the qualities for Generation X and Millennials hiring managers feel they are most likely to posses; this must surely also say something not insignificant about our cohorts (slide 113). In fact you may to look at the the lazy  Generation Y myth ’ of playful, collaboration producing nervousness  of how this 80% of the coming workforce presents challenges to accepted practice and process. Their focus on short term success link to poor commitment is unjustified, they feel there are better ways to work and this should be our driver toward a constructivist pedagogical shift to leverage the affordances of story and online technologies.
Moving forward to the section headed “Connectivity has Changed” (slide 115), makes it start to come real that if we are still living in the world of being defined by location, alluding to the classroom, then it seems to me we should be thinking more in terms of being defined by who we are connected to, and that last point, before you even get to slide 169, take a guess at which country has the highest percentage of mobile Internet traffic, I was surprised; will this and similar trends affect your decisions on eLearning design? let me know please post a reply. Anyway great report, thoroughly enjoyed the read and will most certainly read again, and again.

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