Tuesday, July 01, 2014

MOOC Network

Following on from my experience of Mooc's that I blogged on recently, I was more than pleased to discover that the college had been approach to join the QAA MOOC Network and even better that I was invited to be our representative, needless to say an offer that I agreed to with enthusiasm. Our regular contact is facilitated through a Linkedin group and I have conference next month and looking to that, so do please stay in touch for future postings.

And while on the subject of MOOC’s I came across this interesting report collection that I can recommend ‘Ten useful reports on MOOCs nd online education’. Of particular interest to me at the present time was the ‘MOOCs: Expectations and Reality Full Report 2014’, expect a comfortable read with this as it covers some many of the questions that currently have in my mind in 211 pages, so you will need to take a seat for this one.

Others titles available at the resource include the following:-
  • Disruptor, Distracter, or What? A Policymaker's Guide to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)
  • MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses. European University Association Occasional Paper. An update on developments in first paper published January 2013
  • Introduction to MOOCs: Avalanche, Illusion or Augmentation? Policy Brief Published by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education
  • The Maturing of the MOOC. Research Paper published by the UK Government, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • e-InfraNet: ‘Open’ as the default modus operandi for research and higher education
  • 2013 Survey on Technology and Instruction: Taking the Board to School on Educational Technology
  • eLearning Papers. Issue No.33: MOOCs and Beyond
  • MOOCs and disruptive innovation: Implications for higher education
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A Primer for University and College Board Members
Please feel free to comment on this post with your own experience of MOOC's.


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