Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The iPad has arrived

Today I had first site and contact with our new iPad collection. This eLearning project has been a while in coming to life it seems, but I can certainly appreciate the constraints of wise prequrement, given the arrival of the iPad 2 at such a sensitive time for us. Our network support team are managing connection issues right now and this week we are going to be looking at how we will be deploying these resources beyond the initial project once it completes. I was really impressed by the still and movie camera performance and some of the more entertaining apps that have been installed, like talking to the cat, not sure about the apps app, if you get my drift, but it was so smooth. I guess my first impressions are that we should introduce the technology to one of our media courses and see if we can start to make use of the mobile activity / learning potential, but that needs some thinking into at the meeting. I will be sure to blog on any decisions that come from that, so please stay in touch, and do post any experiences and use that you may have put the iPad to.

Regards Barry


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