Monday, December 06, 2010

Creating a Moodboard

One of my courses this year is in Website Production, and I was interested to see that the design stage included a moodboard, I was a little unclear about exactly what that meant exactly, so I decided to make a start with Wikipedia. OK that is a lot clearer now, but I need to see one really, so try YouTube and up comes this really instructive tutorial on making a moodboard for a website, really nice, and thanks to David Perel for that. Of course I then anticipate the next question from my students, what should we use to create a moodboard. I move over to Google and enter the string Moodboard creator and at the top of the search I see Olioboard. Olioboard is a free web based “moodboard creator”. The application provides you with a canvas to create your board on, the facility to upload your own images and you get some basic editing tools, and to save the final version as a jpeg. It seems that you can also invite up to 10 friends along to make the whole exercise a more social experience. From what I have seen so far Olioboard does appear to have not only the necessary facilities for creating the moodboard, but those important ingredients that would place in the category of social networking tools ever popular with my students and well worth exploring by educators. If you have had experience of using Olioboard then please feel free to comment .


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