Saturday, May 28, 2011

Serious about eLearning

If you have been reading this blog and any others of a similar nature, then I guess it will go without saying that in answer to the post title, you most certainly are serious about eLearning. Which is why I am posting a link to an article I came across from The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled Why Are So Many Students Still Failing Online? The article pulls no punches, and this becomes very clear from an early statistic quote 'With countless studies showing success rates in online courses of only 50 per cent—as opposed to 70-to-75 percent for comparable face-to-face classes'. Well I remain convinced that while that is not a global statistic, certainly the selection of courses appropriate for full blown eLearning and the need to adopt a blended approach are clearly principle contributing factors. The article has a lot of feedback responses that are equally worth reading and like myself I feel sure you will find some serious food for thought, much of which I am pleased to say I felt was reinforcing and positive. Please feel free to comment.

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Blogger laurabeth1976 said...

Elearning has come such a long way in a relatively short period of time. When it is done well, remote/electronic learning can really help you to reach your career goals, as well as to develop your employees and those who work for/with you. I just learned about an event that is holding in September designed around teaching the best practices for remote/electronic learning. It sounds interesting. Do you know anything about it?

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