Saturday, January 22, 2011

New eProjects

Back at college and things Moodle seem to be swinging into action again. On Wednesday of this week 26/01/2011, I have been invited to present on 'Innovating with Moodle' for HE by Greenwich University, and I am really looking forward to that, likely catch-up with a few people that I have seen for a while as well.

At my own college where I manage the eLearning projects, things most certainly starting to look promising. I have one project approved already for the Mahara ePortfolio. Then came a request for two collaborative projects with a college in Holland. First they will require a platform where they can store images, resources, post messages, and communicate, so that looks like a Moodle job. Then, and real good news for me, they have requested access to a virtual world! As we now have OpenSim (BromSim) running on our servers, this will do nicely. So it looks like I will have some OpenSim training to deliver, hopefully in-world, excellent.

Finally I have a project myself. Following a request from a former student who completed the first year of a two year programme and now wishes to complete just one unit from year 2, but is unable to leave their place of residence. Well this sounds a chance to try some real eLearning approaches to me, and will be a first for that particular course. I am of course going to make use of our Moodle vle, buttrial the web based real-time editor EtherPad, as the live session editir. This very nice little tool went OpenSource, and we have it running on our own server, so looking forward to trying this out.

I will be posting updates on these projects, so if you are curious to know how things are going please stay in touch.


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