Monday, January 30, 2017

1 Minute CPD

So how is CPD going with you? It has certainly been better for me as far as training is concerned and I am not just talking about Moodle and its array of activities in general. Of course I could conclude that this is because the training delivery has been so effective that there is no longer the same need; hopefully true to some extent. Looking on the bright side though, it would seem that if you have been having a similar experience then we are not alone. Like myself you may like to take a look at 1 minute CPD from Manchester Met who lamented the “After a term of frustrating no-shows and low sign ups to our advertised technology enhanced learning workshops, we were stumped. What else could we try? We’d advertised a range of different options and approaches, but almost no biters.”

This was just a little encouraging for me as it would seem to be a way of buying in  to Micro Learning, a subject that I have read on and thought about for some time, you may like to take a look at  Integrated Micro Learning–An outline of the basicmethod and first results”.

The thing though, is how to get the whole process going, at present I have suggested a shared document, where someone leaves a one minutes CPD, then everyone that reads it and finds it a useful suggestion, award themselves a 1 say in a table cell associated with their name, and add a 1 to the score of the originator; I am thinking of this as maybe a chance to get a leader board. Anyway that's where I am for now, if you have experiences of 1 Minute CPD then please comment


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