Monday, May 15, 2017

Search Tip and more

Just a thought on searching the web for information  particular with regard to education, how about incorporating the "site:" command into the string, so the it becomes "site:edu". To search for Mathematics the search would become site: edu mathematics. You may to give this a try with and without the site:edu option and see what you think, and try the prefix before other searches such as site:gov.

If you are still trying to get some ideas or maybe convince the powers that be in encouraging the use of Mobiles in class, and lets face it they are there anyway, then this link 50 Reasons It’s Time For Smartphones In Every Classroom prove to be of some use, there are certainly many that as of yet I had not really considered.

On a final note, we are continuing to make use of Jing here at the College and with that in mind I wanted to create a quick reference guide that staff could take away with them from the CPD session, when I came across this link a nice set of PDF pages that covers the essentials in a click and go style get you going style.


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