Saturday, September 17, 2011

Training and Workshops

Apart from all the very predictable events and chores of a post enrolment week, I have managed to get a good amount of time both in college and out for the production of new phase 3 vle training notes. If you have read any my earlier posts on this then you will recall that I am using Wimba Create as the tool to leverage Word skills in the production of eLearning content. One initiative that I do intend driving forward in this new approach to our production and delivery of materials though is to recruit student feedback. After all lets face it, we are all in one way or another going to be learning here, and I feel this would seem a reasonable way forward for us all, so next step, use the vle to produce standard feedback, and there will be more on this in a later post.

Looking into the longer, maybe medium term, during the course of this week, and I am happy with the way things are going, I really am, but also aware that there is a bigger picture here. The ambition for sustainable eLearning in reality is actually going to require the adoption of wider application and practice. These new efforts some may say amount to little more than e-Delivery, a reasonable point maybe. For my own part I anticipate the inclusion of a collaborative delivery framework and new assessment strategies are essential, do feel free to comment.

So more training sessions? My own initial reaction was yes, but the list begins to grow, and I thought why not produce a set of small eLearning modules, for instance:-

An appreciation of what we understand by the term eLearning
Developing - adopting a delivery and assessment framework
Considerations for eLearning content design
Integrating Moodle web 2.0 tools
Using content repositories

Much of this does actually exist in the form of case studies anyway, thinking particularly of JISC here and hopefully the whole process will attract a realistic amount of cpd hours, once again more in later posts.

I am not sure, but would like to know so please comment, if others find a fare frequency of re-booking takes place on their courses. My own guideline for course notes presentation has been in the style of click-n-go, basically a sequenced approach with screen shots, while keeping text to a reasonably informative minimum. And yet, we do have repeat bookings, even though in the vast majority of cases the information that is required is clearly in the handout. So in an endeavour to resolve the issue, this week I have launched one-2-one and small group 30-minute workshops. Naturally I am still available for any ad-hoc requests and meetings that come along, but feel a more formal workshop is going to be of value, we shall see.

Well that’s my week, please stay in touch for future posts


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