Friday, November 09, 2012

Running The Survey

Following the trial of our eILT skillset questionnaire for staff, where I ran it past a sample of nearly twenty, this week I applied the finishing touches and launched the survey for real. The initial trial took the form of a paper based exercise that allowed us to evaluate and apply changes to what would become the final electronic form delivered through our Moodle vle. Interestingly following some feedback observations from the first group, I went ahead and made a couple of the questions optional, a consequence really of trying to create a questionnaire that could be adapted for varying situations. All in all though, this has proved to be a preferred means of acquiring the information as opposed to a web database which had been my original intention. Not to my own surprise I also learnt a great deal from the whole exercise in how to write questionnaires. In fact if you are thinking of writing a questionnaire for the first time, then you may like to have a look at these two links, the first for SurveyMonkey, includes some very useful pdf’s and the second from accesscable, has some very useful general recommendations.  So having completed the questionnaire, and had it proof read and then running it past the first half dozen or so members of staff, eventually someone found a question with a repeat word! Why I find myself asking, did the error have to be in question 13 of all places.

If you would like to see a pdf of the finished product as it stands at the moment, then please follow this link to a pdf, a little untidy as I simply took a screen copy from Moodle to Word.


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