Tuesday, April 24, 2012

eILT survey

Are your staff taking full advantages of resources? And that’s an interesting question in itself because despite having various training in place, what aspects of that training, are actually finding there was into regular use. So we decided to put a survey together. The intention originally was to visit classes and just see what was happening, but then you are likely to miss out on good practice elsewhere, and so in practice I settled on a combination of observation visits and short interviews. A somewhat unexpected and pleasing discovery for me during these visits was in the level of innovation that is actually taking place such as in the use of student owned resources such as iPad’s, Smartphones. One lecturer was making regular use of Skype, recently unblocked, and there was a fare amount of texting in use, and not just in the form of messages for class and timetable issue but specific questions and answers. A result of all this was for me to get back to the PC create some more categories in the questionnaire. When the idea of gathering this information was first proposed, the general suggestion was that it would be very much a paper, though be it electronic paper, exercise. Giving it some thought over the end of term break I decided to put my php/mysql to use and create a web database for the purpose, this was we will have ready access to reports also.

While on the general topic of what other people are doing with eILT, I came across an interesting little web piece the other day entitled Several online tools are helpful in teaching, you may like to follow the link and have a read.

Thinking about iPads and the like if you are looking for free downloads and white papares and I do tend to find myself downloading everyday at the moment, then you may like to follow this link from Computing.co.uk
That’s all for now, but please stay in touch for updates to our survey


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