Monday, July 30, 2012

End of term roundup

With our decision to merge the Moodle system for the two Colleges ready for September 2011 start, it seemed a good idea to at least have a small trial of course of course transfers just see if any issues emerged.
Interestingly it seems that a lot of failures flagged up surrounding issues with the quiz module. On close investigation it became very apparent that where one system had the standard distribution of quiz options the other had three extra, which I have listed below.

Drag and drop matching


Java molecular editor

In resolution it simply became necessary to install the
necessary changes an run the test again, which now seem to be fine.

I was pleased to see that requests appeared for Wimba Create training before the end of term, and the session ran really well. There however one small glitch in the way YouTube appear to be presenting link options, as one of my selected videos no longer had the Old Embedded code available associated with it. The issue arises because Moodle 1.9.x does not support the iframe tag, something that I will have to update my notes on this one. A very rewarding note though was the fact that people soon realised the potential of having otherwise seperate resources packaged as a trackable
Scorm resource, which afterall is really what the whole expercise is aiming at .

Just as our term here finished I received a invitation from Amrit Ahluwalia the Managing Editor of online newspaper for continuing education and lifelong learning asking if I would be prepared to write a short article based around the question ‘What impact do you think mobile apps are going to have on adults in higher education?’ And of course I was pleased to respond and you can find a link to my article that I hope you will enjoy Making Mobile Learning a reality here.

Well term finally did come to a close and does among others considerations give me the chance to have a look around in search of new resources, particularly those that are free, and I came across this link Teachers Easy Guide to The Most Important Web Tools in Education this features a thirteen point list that I am musing through at the moment and feel sure will be of some use

While we are on Summer term right now, I shall still be posting, so please stay in touch with Moodle Journal, and of course feel free to comment.



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