Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Open Source Mahara and Moodle

I was wondering if anyone out there in Moodle land has thought of trying out the e-portfilio and social networking tool Mahara yet. Mahara has been designed as a means of storing evidence of lifelong learning in digital format called artifacts, a Mahara concept. An advantage to this approach is that students can display their artifacts in views depending on the intended audience; seems good in itself. In relation to Moodle, its appears that 1.9 and Mahara v0.9 support a transparent Single Sign On, all well worth a look. Please feel free to reply to this blog of you have any thoughts.


Blogger Unknown said...

I have setup v0.9 with moodle 1.9+ and it works quite well with a few quirks. We are testing it at the moment and hop to integrate it to our Creative Multimedia degree in the next academic year. http://learning.tippinst.ie

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